Podcast Consulting

Podcasts are taking over the world – finally, people have an outlet to express their opinions and share them with an audience of devoted followers – hopefully!

We offer one-on-one podcast consulting designed to help creators, of all levels, build and grow a successful podcast. Use our one-on-one podcast consulting when you need advice to start a new podcast. What equipment to buy? What software to use? Or, use our one-on-one podcast consulting when you want to improve your podcast, troubleshoot issues with your RSS feed, equipment or website or want production ideas.

Setup a one-on-one consulting appointment with Marc Aflalo who has been producing radio for over 25 years throughout North America.

Podcast Consulting Sessions

30-minute sessions are $75

60-minute sessions are $150

Please schedule your appointment based on your availability below – you will be sent a PayPal invoice upon completion of the session.

Want more information first?

You can also set up a meeting to discuss our services, tell us about your needs, and find out if we’re the right fit. We do not charge for these types of meetings. Email [email protected] for further information.