Audio Production

Aflalo Communications’s forté lies s in the Audio production. Although we boast expertise in other fields, audio production is where it all began. Master producers and audio engineering form the foundation of this company and it has excelled Aflalo Communications to the top of the most desired companies for audio production.

Whether it is a professional written, mixed and produced radio commercial; an entire audio score for an animated series; perhaps an entire station identity for radio or television;  maybe you’re looking for a perfect voice to bring your concept or business to life. Aflalo Communications’s radar will light up when it comes to sound.

Here are some examples of Audio Production:

  • Broadcast commercials and PSA’s (radio and television)
  • Animated Series scores, folley, mixing and mastering
  • Pre-produced audio books, radio programming, presentations
  • Voice overs for animation, video games, presentations

Aflalo Communications has proudly worked with the following companies: